Carku was awarded the “Excellent Enterprise for High-Quality Development in Foreign Trade”

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Recently, the China (Shenzhen) Foreign Trade High-Quality Development Conference, co-sponsored by the China Society of Economic and Trade Statistics and the Shenzhen Import and Export Chamber of Commerce under the guidance of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, was grandly held. Many industry experts, foreign trade scholars, and corporate representatives were invited to attend.


The conference focused on how to achieve high-quality development through trade digitalization, global foreign exchange and RMB exchange rate outlook, cross-border e-commerce injecting new impetus into foreign trade development, digitalization and branding promoting high-quality development of Shenzhen's foreign trade, and other aspects. Shenzhen Carku Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend and was awarded the Excellent Enterprise for High-Quality Development in Foreign Trade.


In the wave of globalization, Carku has always actively expanded the market, improved technology, enhanced brand value, and core competitiveness.


During the COVID-19 epidemic, Carku did not stop expanding new overseas markets. Through online live broadcasts and online docking meetings, it got to know new customers while strengthening the operation and management of cross-border e-commerce platforms such as independent stations, Amazon, and Alibaba. It has cooperated with multiple online platforms and tried to let overseas new customers understand the company's products through live broadcasts, mini-programs, and other methods.


After the optimization of epidemic prevention and control policies, the company prepared for overseas international exhibitions for the first time, participated in international exhibitions held in countries and regions such as Europe and Japan, and opened up new overseas markets. The full recovery of offline exhibitions has also provided more opportunities for Carku to develop international new markets, and its products are sold in more than 50 countries on six continents.


In the face of US trade protectionism, Carku spared no effort to spend millions of dollars in litigation fees, actively fought back, and won the final ruling, only to defend its own innovative achievements, maintain the legitimate interests of its industry peers, and keep national brands strong.


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